ZBrush Summit 2018 Demo Tutorial Series

I was lucky and fortunate to be apart of this test run. I was responsible for the final texturing pass on all character related assets other than skin, hair and eyes, which were done by Tony Reynolds. 95 videos, more than 6 hours of demo content generated from the Michael Pavlovich presentation for ZBrush Summit 2018, "Using ZBrush to Facilitate Smarter Production." From in-engine concept sketches, to "grandma test" proxy assets, to final cinematic assets, weapons, characters, vehicles, and more! Visit Michael Pavlovich's portfolio to see the 1 hour ZBrush Summit presentation overview and final cinematic short film. Also check out JP Eaton, and David Ancira's and Tony Reynolds page for more info on their assets!



Using ZBrush to Facilitate Smarter Production with Certain Affinity - ZBrush Summit 2018

Christian gallego finalrender

Final Drone combined.

Christian gallego bots 01
Christian gallego bots 03
Christian gallego bots 02
Christian gallego cartridge
Christian gallego alicebeautyclose
Christian gallego alicebeauty
Christian gallego clothing 1
Christian gallego clothing 2